Resurfaced Decks vs. Brand New Decks: An Honest Comparison

28.03.2017 10:16

The choice between new and used is something we deal with in so many different ways as homeowners and consumers. We think about whether to buy a new or used electronics, clothing, bicycles, and basically any other type of product. Many people also find themselves choosing between a pre-owned home and the idea of building a brand-new home. This choice between saving money and buying something use or spending a little more for something brand-new is truly common choice in most peoples lives.

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How to Know if Your Deck Was Built By a Professional

28.03.2017 10:14

Every year, millions of Americans hire professionals to build a new outdoor deck, or resurface an existing deck to make it look (and feel) like new. But there are also millions of Americans who look at the outdoor decks and patios in their neighborhoods and think to themselves, I can do that.

How Do I Know if I Can Have My Deck Resurfaced?

28.03.2017 10:12

There’s a lot of talk about deck resurfacing these days — and it’s easy to see why. Your outdoor deck may look old and dilapidated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to tear it down and start over. Thanks to modern deck resurfacing methods, you might be able to fit your deck with a brand new surface while preserving the underlying structure. In other words, you can have a deck that looks brand new for a fraction of the cost of actually building a brand new deck.