Fences, Gates, and Pergolas


Wood fences and pergolas are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly choice for every homeowner. Easy to install and available in styles sure to fit any look, wood fences and pergolas can last for many years with proper maintenance. Here are 7 benefits of wood fences and pergolas:


1. Customization. Wooden gates, fences, and pergolas can be customized in many different ways such as the color, height, and width

2. Environmentally Friendly. Wood is an all natural material. The boards can be protected with stains and then disposed of safely when you are done with it.

3. Painting and Staining. It is incredibly simple to change the look and feel of your fence or pergola by painting or staining the wood, perfect for DIY homeowners.

4. Easy installation. Deck Guru brings master carpenters to attend to your fence or pergola making for an easy installation for you and your family

5. Style Choices. With wooden product comes a vast array of style options for your backyard to perfectly compliment the feel of your home.

6. Versatility. Because wood is a natural material and can blend easily into any background, this makes wood fences and pergolas an excellent fit for rural areas, suburbs, or cities.

7. Affordability. Deck Guru is ready to work with you to find the best price to fit your project. Wooden Fences can last for decades with nothing more than an occasional scrub.