Revolutionary Deck Restoration System by Deck Guru

Decks are one of the most important home improvement projects that will add incredible value to your home.

At Deck Guru, we have the best expert deck builders who can design your deck to fit your lifestyle and needs. From initial consultation to the final touches by our craftsmen, we work with you to create the outdoor space you always dreamed of.

Deck Restoration

Deck resurfacing is a process of replacing any rotten deck boards, stairs, or railings on your existing deck while keeping the existing frame and foundation. Then we apply an acrylic-latex based coating to keep your deck safe from the elements. If your deck boards have been maintained well for years, you may want to consider resurfacing your decks.

Only about 20-30% of our deck projects are good candidates for deck resurfacing due to deck age and condition, so please be sure to contact us before you move forward with deck resurfacing. Our deck resurfacing experts will evaluate your deck and give you the best and affordable solution for your situation.

Deck resurfacing can be an excellent way to spruce up an existing deck for a reasonable investment. Please contact Deck Guru today to schedule a consultation.


Are you tired of looking at your worn out weathered deck?
Is your deck safe for your family and friends to walk on? Are you tired of yearly maintenance?
Deck Guru is your answer! 
Save thousands compared to traditional deck replacement!

1. Deck Guru deck professional will determine whether your deck project qualifies for our Deck Resurfacing package with specialty coating during the initial estimate 

2. Low Pressure Deck Cleaning with our Eco-Friendly biodegradable chemicals and minerals that kill all mold and mildew, removes all dirt, and prepares wood to be coated 

3. Re-Secure Entire Deck 

4. Replacement of any damaged / rotten boards, rails, or structural members*

5. Reset all popped nails 

6. Full mask up of area around the deck to prevent overspray  

7. Coating application 

8. Site clean up

Advantages of Deck Guru Revolutionary Resurfacing System:

1. Adds a smooth long lasting protective coating

2. Dramatically reduces maintenance requirements

3. Significantly lengthens the life of your deck

4. Fills existing cracks and resurfaces your deck to like a new condition

5. Eliminates splinters and makes your deck safe again

6. Can be easily cleaned with just soap and water

7. Mold and mildew resistant finish

8. Environmentally friendly

9. Can be applied in a fraction of the time of a rebuild

10. Increases the value of your home

11. Prepares your home to be sold at a premium in the future

Your deck can go from this:



To this: