Secrets to an affordable dream deck

    There’s no better way to soak in nature than by spending time on an outdoor deck, but deck installation and repair services can be extremely expensive. Here are 5 secrets for getting your dream deck without the high price tag:


The Importance of Deck Maintenance

    It’s safe to say that most people treasure their decks—but it’s also true that far too many fail to give this part of the home the loving attention it needs. There are a number of reasons why homeowners often fall short in their deck upkeep responsibilities, one of the most common being an understandable reluctance to spend money on a tight budget.



What to do if You have a Loose boards On The Decks

    A loose board on the outdoor deck isn’t an issue that you should ignore. Not only does it look unappealing, it creates an uneven, unsteady walking surface that could lead to a nasty accident. In many cases, the issue is caused by the alternating expansion and contraction of wood boards as the weather changes; this makes the nails and/or screws gradually come free. So what can you do when you see a board that isn’t properly secured? Keep reading.


Top 4 Benefits of Installing an Under-Deck Drainage System

    Homeowners building a second-story deck should consider spending the extra money to install an under-deck drainage system. The main benefit is that the homeowner doubles their outdoor living space. Builders can benefit too from installing an under-deck drainage system because the upgrade gives them the chance to make more money on the project. (more…)

How to Know if Your Deck Was Built By a Professional

Every year, millions of Americans hire professionals to build a new outdoor deck, or resurface an existing deck to make it look (and feel) like new. But there are also millions of Americans who look at the outdoor decks and patios in their neighborhoods and think to themselves, I can do that.